5. Barack Obama, President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address, the White House, 2009

2. How is this issue dealt with in contemporary American literature,  such as The Kite Runner?


had another taste).   Another kind of floating

Jeff “Soulspeak” Liang,来自洛杉矶的美籍华裔超级音乐制作人,电子音乐家和DJ!早在1999年,Soulspeak便在洛杉矶当地的Hip Hop及电子音乐圈占据一席之地。受到世界知名唱片公司注意,在BBE唱片公司合作发行数张专辑。此外, 他也为多名世界级音乐人制作和混音,包括Snoop Lion, Battlecat, , Sene and Denita, Blu, 洛杉矶吉他四重奏……近年来,他巡演世界各大音乐节Electric Daisy Carnival, Clockenflap, Whiskey A Gogo, Roxy……代表美国和中国的奇妙律动。带着美国的开放视野,和中国的睿智含蓄,Soulspeak的现场和创作充满融合的魅力,最让人惊喜的新声音——你没有任何理由错过他!

Her music and performances are driven by an incessant curiosity for sound exploration.

A pressure in life keeps us on the ground

还在羊水中时,我们就已体会了浮游的自由。 这种自由,我们在海洋中也能感受到(那536个宇航员也有另一种浮游的体验)。

1. 优秀习作(己见珠玑):题材不限,要求为学生原创,1000字~2000字之间;

October 2016 finally saw the release of Christopher Chaplin's highly acclaimed first solo album “Je suis le Ténébreux”, which had been partly recorded at AIR's  legendary Atlas Studio in Paris and various studios in the UK. It combines experimental musical influences around a sixteenth century text, an epitaph known as the 'Enigma of Bologna'. The album has been followed by a versatile remix EP the year after, including stunning reworks by producers such as Grammy-nominated American composer Tim Story, the recently praised Berlin-based sound and media artist Jana Irmert, Brooklyn-based artist and producer <tfo>, and Viennese electronic music producer Peter Zirbs.

Adams, the author of The Epic of America, describes the crux of American Dream as the following: “ that life in the United States offered personal liberties and opportunities to a degree unmatched by any other country in history— a circumstance that remains true today, some ill-considered clampdowns in the name of Homeland Security notwithstanding. This invigorating sense of possibility, though it is too often taken for granted, is the great gift of Americans.”

For his upcoming solo live shows the pieces are prescient echoed by the projections of Visual Artist Luma.Launisch – assembled and processed in real time.

It is very interesting that Buddhism always seems to accompany poetry from the viewpoint of Chinese history. I wonder which appeared first, and perhaps followed and shined together with each other. Both Buddhism and poetry almost experienced the same vicissitude of ups and downs, so did the Han Dynasty, and so did the Tang Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty too.

It seems Americans are unique in having such a thing, a more or less Official National Dream. (There is no correspondingly stirring Canadian Dream or Slovakian Dream.) “It is part of American’s character—as articulated in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, in the famous bit about “certain unalienable Rights” that include “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, ”—and it is what makes our country and our way of life attractive and magnetic to people in other lands. (Vanity Fair, 2009) But does American Dream still exist, or has it already deteriorated into American Nightmare?

The Vermona ET 6-1, a home organ produced by a former East German company, is the opposite of high tech, and the same could be said of Barbara Morgenstern’s album of the same name. In 1998, while the Berlin techno scene was occupying abandoned bank vaults and office buildings, Morgenstern and her peers were redrawing the city’s map on a more intimate level as a part of the so-called “living-room scene”—a rough analogue to American punk’s house-party scene, but with fewer guitars and more synths. Vermona ET 6-1 isn’t a strictly “electronic” album; the bass and guitar of a few songs lean more toward Yo La Tengo’s turf, and Morgstenstern’s voice is frequently (and rightly!) the centerpiece. But while not as developed as her later records, it remains a winning snapshot of a moment when everything in Berlin was shifting.

In the womb we knew the freedom of floating.

Meditating in front of the Buddha【我觉得这里用the,这里的佛像是特指,用meditate,就是沉思的意思,我的翻译忠于原文。】

定居中国上海的法国音乐制作人KayTV(A Collective, KAKOUSHI Indépendant),二十年的音乐创作经验,并在中国内地和日本举行过多场现场表演。他擅长使用多种电子音乐器材,风格结合glitch-hop、jazz、dub和breakbeat。灵动的音乐,浑厚的低音,轻快的节奏是他音乐创作的主要特色。

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Ran Music is proud to announce the release of Los-Angeles born Chinese-American electronic music producer Soulspeak’s new album “Flux”. The release is his first solo album since moving to China, a collection of seven tracks that span across a diverse array of styles including Breakbeat, Hip Hop and abstract instrumentals, and represents a significant contribution to the Chinese underground music scene.

Metaphor is not only a means of trope but also a cognitive approach.

《Flux》的数字版本国内将在虾米音乐独家首发,并在乐童网预售随后推出12寸实体黑胶版本,黑胶的A-side和B-side都将有一首未收录入数字发行版本的隐藏曲目(Bonus Hidden Track),惊喜连连不容错过!另外,《Flux》也将登录海外包括Apple Music, Spotify,Soundcloud等各大数字音乐平台。点击阅读原文在虾米试听整张专辑,开始和Soulspeak的旅程。

①这些都是虚指的,但最好可以找些英文里同样有该类意象、既可实指又可虚指的词。我用了bumps and bruises,这个词既可以指鼻青脸肿、头破血流,又有备受挫折的意思;

their religions always fail to be retained in their country of origin.

2016年10月,Christopher Chaplin广受好评的首张个人专辑“Je suis le Ténébreux”终于发行,该专辑部分在巴黎的传奇电子音乐组合AIR的阿特拉斯工作室以及英国的各个工作室录制。它结合了16世纪文本的实验性音乐影响,被称为“博洛尼亚之谜”的墓志铭。这张专辑在一年之后被制作成多种混音版本,其中包括由格莱美提名的美国作曲家蒂姆·史蒂夫(Tim Story)等制片人令人惊叹的重新录制,还有最近很被叫好的柏林音响和媒体艺术家Jana Irmert,布鲁克林的艺术家和制作人<tfo >和维也纳电子音乐制作人Peter Zirbs等。

《Flux》是一张色彩万千,浪漫又孤独的专辑,相比8月推出的双单曲EP《Ghost Echoes》的灵动、跳跃和神秘,新专辑的其他曲目则更体现了Soulspeak作为一个受过专业音乐训练的成熟制作人对旋律、律动收放自如的拿捏应用和他独特,自成一派的采样技巧及音色设计。色彩鲜艳的节拍和性感撩人的低音声线直击人心,像是深夜星空中宇宙最深处的奇异景象。

燃音乐很荣幸能和Soulspeak这样一位出色、与众不同的成熟艺术家一起合作。早在1999年,Soulspeak便在洛杉矶当地的Hip Hop及电子音乐圈占据一席之地。受到世界知名唱片公司注意,在英国BBE唱片公司合作发行数张专辑。

Luma.Launisch,是Astrid Steiner和Florian Launisch一同在维也纳创立的视觉艺术双人组合。从音乐厅到博物馆,他们用投影到墙壁上创造了超现实的世界。Luma.Launisch的视觉的基础是通过捕获的影像片段在现场表演过程中重新拆解和组织,他们的表演像是一场视觉的旅程,抽象和真实的意像被并置在一起,互相唤醒联想的结合,使得观者的想象力各赋比拟,极尽象征。与Luma.Launisch合作的音乐家包括Andreya Triana, Cluster, ZawinulSyndicate, KristjanJärvi的Absolute Ensemble, Manu Delago, Electric Indigo, ChandaRule等等。他们的现场表演 "INNENWELTKOSMOS" 在2011年赢得了维也纳最佳视觉效果奖ZIT内容奖。

-- meditative space chamber (shoes off) --

他们也被邀请参加了在希腊雅典的贝纳基博物馆的视觉装置和塞萨洛尼基的摄影展,维也纳的艺术家之屋和MAK(应用艺术博物馆)做声音图像展览,莫斯科媒体艺术实验室的视觉装置展览,纽约的奥地利文化论坛和时代广场的CNN屏幕也展出了他们的作品。他们和Christopher Chaplin的合作始于2016年,此后发展出一种激烈的,绝世美艳的视听现场体验。为了配合“失乐园”,Luma.Launisch的影像将直面现代社会的欲望、暗涌及原罪。天堂,或飘忽如海市蜃楼,或招致灭顶之灾。我们亟待光明!亟待从暗流涌动走向昭昭乾坤!

I also find another engaging phenomenon in the world that the countries nurturing religions cannot have them left. The sages creating the religions were driven either to the wall, or from pillar to post, with the result of being bumped and bruised. The lot of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, was much better. However, the Indians stop short of holding on his Buddhism and just let it go to China.

In the ocean, we can find it again (the 536 astronauts

interrupting dancers or space travelers prohibited,

American Dream, this single phrase lingers around every American’s ear, like a surge of overwhelming patriotism rooted in each person breathing in this nation, regardless of their own identities as African-Americans or Asian-Americans. Ask any pedestrian rushing on the Fifth Avenue and he would answer with an absolute confidence that the most ambitious dream could only be achieved here and only in America. When being asked about dream of the life, any kid of an American family, even when he is very young, would immediately respond “I want to be the President of the United States!” You could be flooded with criticism and scolding if you ever tried to break it into these naïve kids that the dream is actually far away from being realized someday.

"Mix all genres/ Blend"是他DJ的特点。 以分享曲子和传播音乐为目的,在他的选曲中你能听到从各种风格的穿插和跳跃,总是能交代一些惊喜。Kenanjun DJ的场所从⾳乐俱乐部到⼩型的画廊, 独⽴电影节,独立时装品牌集合店,美容美发店等,不同形态的社区和空间。同时他也为很多综合商场,国际连锁酒店,西餐厅,酒吧和时装品牌还有在线时装店铺等不同单位制作混音和选曲。

2)汉语是属于形散神不散的语言,整体结构会相对比较松散,而英语却是形合语言,习惯于将逻辑显性化,在处理汉译英的时候往往需要将汉语各个松散的句子通过逻辑整合起来。此外英语忌重复,需要在处理汉译英的时候多考虑如何表达能让英语尽量简洁,避免重复啰嗦,基于此, “汉如此,唐如斯,元、明、清也‘庶乎是矣’”,我处理成了 “This phenomenon is shared in dynasties of not only Han (206 BC–220 AD) and Tang (618–906), but also Yuan (1271–1368), Ming (1368–1644), Qing (1636–1912).”,可以避免汉语原文中的重复表达;

Acid Echoes is a Beijing based Psytrance DJ and Producer. Being enthusiastic about various genres before, she finally fell for Psytrance and started DJing in 2014. Today, she is organizing parties and events around China and performed at major Psytrance events liks Spirit Tribe (2015,2016,2017), Shalanaya and many others. In 2015 she got into producing and released her first track “Goblin Funk” under GoaProductions which she joined in 2017 as label manager.Till now she already shared deck with  Braincell / Obviliant /Justin Chaos / Yudhisthira…

What Chinese History Reminds Me of?【沉思是冥想的意思,我用的是意译,原文不仅涉及佛教、诗歌,这里还指历史。】


In addition to their live performances the duo has gained the attention of the international art scene, including invitations to present video installations at the Benaki Museum Athens, the Photobiennale Thessaloniki, the exhibition Sound:Frame at Vienna’s Künstlerhaus and MAK, Media Art Lab Moscow, the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York and the CNN screen in Times Square. Their collaboration with Christopher Chaplin started in 2016. Over the years they developed an intense, drop-dead beautiful audiovisual live experience for the audience. With the visual art for Paradise Lost Luma.Launisch reflect desire, darkness and sin in the face of modern society. Paradise also can be fake and destructive. We focus on seeing the light! From darkness to light!